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Hi-Mac Planters

Hi-Mac Planters
Planter Image
Planter Image

These Planters or Window Boxes can be Manufactured To Custom Sizes.
Can Withstand knocks and Scuffs.
Highly Durable.
Solid Colours through and through.
Various Colours are Available and are UV Resistant For up to 10 Years.

Planter Image
Hi-Mac Planters Can be Engraved
With Borders, Simple Logo's and Patterns
Property Name or Number.

Available 'UV Protected' Colours
G002 Grey Sand
G004 White Quartz
G005 White Granite
G034 Arctic Granite
G038 Sea Oat Quartz
G048 Beach Sand
S002 Almond

S009 Cream

S028 Alpine White

S029 Ivory White

S033 Nordic White

S034 Diamond White
S302 Opal

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